Scientist Next Door

Our project Scientist Next Door ( is there to build communities and enhance interactions between school children and academics!

The COVID-19 lockdowns are implemented in over 160 countries (March 2020), and so nearly 90% of the world’s student population is affected. This impact is not is on children’s education, as well as socialisation, removing valuable learning through activities.

While it is a difficult situation, we see it gives us a unique opportunity to reach out to communities we never did before – our neighbours! We hope through this project to share our passion and help bring up this new generation of fantastic scientists!

During the lockdown, we will hold group video calls with families and discuss thing we find interesting, share ideas and resources.

We have called this project Scientist Next Door, as we think after the lockdown is over, it would be great to meet in person your neighbouring scientists!

You can learn more about scientists participating in this project here. And if you are a scientist and would like to join us, contact Valentina.

And for now, stay home, stay safe, look after yourselves and loved ones and join the forum and the upcoming video calls.

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