Seminar at The Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems

CeREESlogoToday I was invited to present my work at The Centre for Resources and Earth Energy Systems, CeREES, as part of their seminar series. I discussed the versatility molecular modelling offers: whether the emergence of protobiomolecules, delamination of layered materials or enhanced oil recovery, all these processes are driven by the molecular interactions at the interface.

CeREES is the only research centre in the UK that works across all geoenergy and resource themes, carrying out high-level multidisciplinary research in Petroleum, Unconventional Hydrocarbons, Geothermal, Clean Coal, Resources from Waste, Carbon Capture and Storage, Water and Mineral Resources.

Visit to Nantes

This week I have been invited to Subatech, IMT Atlantique by Prof Andrey Kalinichev.

It was a great opportunity to meet the group, discuss science and work together on some challenging clay systems!

Really enjoyed this trip!

BRSG Founder’s Prize

I am humbled to receive this year’s Institute of Physics BRSG Founder’s Prize for the presentation of my methodology, coupling MD and ssNMR, to rationalise dynamics in solids.

The prize is in memory of the late Professor E R Andrew, founder of British Radiofrequency Spectroscopy Group. Prof Andrew was a pioneer of magic angle spinning and other methods in magnetic resonance.